Sunday, 24 June 2018

Creating Leather Look Text

Creating a Leather Look Text in Paint Shop Pro
New image 500 X 500
Raster background colour of your choice- I used white for time being.
New Vector layer

Select Text tool and a slightly rounded block type font size 350 pixels
I used Arial Rounded MT Bold. Vector text.
Material Foreground nil Background red.

Selections > Selections from Vector Object.
Selections > Promote Selection to Layer.
Selection > Modify >  Expand 5 pixels

Fill with Leather texture of your choice. I used a texture which I had created using Filter Forge and PSP but there are many free leather textures available on the Web.

Selections Modify > Contract 5 Pixels.

Effects > 3D effects> Inner Bevel
I used these settings:

Selections > Invert and promote selection to layer:

Selections > Select None and apply the same bevel:

Merge Down.


Move your Vector Text level to the top of the top and open the vector:

 Right click on that text layer and change properties to Foreground a colour of your choice. I chose a light cream and style line small dash width 2, Background nil:

Convert to raster layer and apply same bevel but reducing the width to 5:

Apply a small drop shadow to stitching, using a colour that will blend with your leather colour:

Close visibility of your background.
Merge all text layers and save as a .png   or as a .pspimage.

Here I have used my saved image with a punched and riveted hole:

Another Example using different materials and finer stitching to make this notebook:

You could use the same principles to create a leather frame. I have used a .pspshape of an oval frame and a beautiful painting by Fannie Moody to create the image below.

Happy Creating!

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