Saturday, 4 March 2017

Stylised Millipede

 I have adapted this tutorial from an old one originally written for PSP 7. []
You should be able to create your millipede in any version from PSP 9 - X9
You will need the script "Vector Paint".[
- scroll down that page for direct download]

New image with transparent raster background 600 X 600 pixels.

Use the Pen tool:
Background nil
Foreground black #000000

Choose the style line with round ends:
Width 30, Bezier curve 

Draw a curvy line.
Duplicate layer and open vector and right click to change the properties of this duplicate layer:

Change colour to white #ffffff and line width to 6:

Rename highlight 1 and move vertically upwards slightly. 

Duplicate this layer and rename Highlight 2 and change the properties by reducing the stroke width to 2. Move vertically downwards:

 Change both highlight layers to raster layers:

Select your original vector layer and go to Selections> selection from Vector object:

Whilst still selected go to layer Highlight 1 and apply Adjust> Blur> Gaussian blur radius 6:

Whilst selection in place go to highlight 2 layer and apply Gaussian blur radius 3:

Now to add some segment demarcation:
With foreground colour black and either your pen tool width 1 pixel or brush of one pixel and
hardness 100 zoom in and draw segments along the length of the body at right angles to the curve. I curved slightly those closest to each end :)

Duplicate this layer and rename "segment's highlight". Image > negative image to change
to white.

Shift 1 pixel to right. [ Use pick tool and right arrow and click once]

Change blend mode to soft light.


Select ellipse tool circle and with foreground nil and background of black/white gradient and these settings draw 2 small eyes:

Add feelers with pen tool or brush:

Now for some legs:

Choose your brush tool and the square brush tip and use these settings, Size 60, hardness 100,
step 200, density 100, thickness 1,rotation 0, opacity 100 Foreground colour black #000000:

We want the legs to follow the contour of the body so we will need to alter the brush variance:

Press F11 to bring up brush variance palette and change rotation to "Direction":

Select your millipede body vector layer and select and run Vector paint script. [Be sure your
brush tool is still selected too]

Rename this layer "legs" and move below the body layer.

With the warp brush gently give your legs some random direction:

This image can be recoloured to suit your taste:

Here I overlaid with brown and added lighter stripes then recoloured this image green and red for fun:
You can be a bit more adventurous if you wish to manipulate your vectors :)

I do appreciate your comments !

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