Monday, 17 October 2016

Dark Chocolate Text

It is no secret that my favourite chocolate is dark :)
Creating a rich dark chocolate text is reasonably easy in Paint Shop Pro.

You will need:
Font 1 - Mirabel One but a similar cursive font with some smoothness and thickness would be appropriate.
 Font 2 - Yu Gothic Semilight [Microsoft]

 Foreground colour #5c504d

Background and Text colour #342b26

Create a new image 600 X 400 72 ppi raster background transparent.

Flood fill with gradient created with your foreground and background colours using these settings.

Add some noise to give the background a slightly velvety appearance.
Adjust . add noise:

Layer > New Vector layer [text 1]
Select the text tool and font Mirabel One with these settings and using foreground null and background colour #342b26 :

Layer > convert to raster layer.
Effects> 3D effects > Inner Bevel

Select Text only
New Adjustment layer -Curves
This gives more shine and definition.

Select the text layer . Effects > 3 D Effects Drop Shadow :

Create a New Vector Layer above adjustment layer [text 2]
Select the text tool
Same dark background colour  #342b26  foreground null
Font 2 Yu Gothic Semilight 

Write some descriptive words about your chocolate.

If you wish, copy merged and pasted as a new layer and changed blend mode to dodge and reduced opacity to 25% or less to give it a bit more "oomph."

All values given for guidance. For different sized images and text, you may need to make  adjustments to the sizes and values of your settings....experiment!

In my image below I added some drips using Eye Candy Filter from Alien Skin

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