Saturday, 27 January 2018

Monochrome Images using Black and White Film Filter and Colorize

There are many reasons for creating a monochrome image, not the least being to be able to then  blend an image  into a larger background such as in an album page.

I find that creating a good quality BW image first and then recoloring creates a better final image compared with simply colorizing.

Later versions of PSP have an excellent filter, Black and White film which I use a lot.

The filter works in a similar manner to splitting channels where you can select the best image from one or a combination of the channels with the added advantage of an ability to alter the brightness and clarity at the same time.
You will find the filter under effects > photo effects > Black and white film.

It is best to begin any alterations with the values in a neutral position [factory default]:

If you then hit the "suggest color" button, that might be all you need to do before tweaking the brightness and clarity.

In the image of the Moorcroft vase below, I used these settings. - The suggested colour didn't give enough definition of the "beak" area on the puffin.

You can see an improvement using the BW film filter compared with simply desaturating the image:

The filter allows a lot of manipulation in one action. In this case I didn't make use of the colour wheel but that would be ideal in many images.
It is then a simple matter to colorize. [ Adjust > Hue and Saturation > colorize]
On the image below I used different settings to maintain the softness.

Colorized to Sepia Colour [You could use the photo effects > sepia but Colorizing gives more options]:

Old photos often have different "sepia" colours which seldom combine well on a page. By using the BW film filter on them first, then recolouring them with the same settings the result can be more pleasing. 

You can be pretty creative too, combining different monochrome images in the one layout:


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