Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Moving elements within layers in PSP

Move Tool
[Default-Keyboard shortcut m]
Do you ever have trouble moving a layer without moving layers above it?
First select the layer you want to move in the layers palette. Now with Move tool selected, hold down the shift key as you centre  on the layer you wish to move…very useful if you have adjustment layers in place J

Pick/Deform/Object Selector
[Default-Keyboard shortcut k for Pick Tool] , [d for deform and o for object selector in earlier versions]
If course if you use these tools you can move without problems of moving other layers by mistake.

Precise Movements
When using the Move/Pick tools you can move the layer more precisely by the following:
To move by increments
In PSP, you can use the arrow keys to move the layers on your canvas up, down, or to the right or left. Choose the Move tool or Pick tool, and then:
  • To move the layer one pixel at a time, press the arrow keys.
  • To move the layer 10 pixels at a time, hold down CTRL and press the arrow keys.
  • To move the layer 50 pixels at a time, hold down SHIFT and press the arrow keys.
  • To move the layer 100 pixels at a time, hold down CTRL + SHIFT and press the arrow keys.

I Found in PSP 9 things were a bit different but still useful.
The Move Tool:
To move by 1 pixel use arrows
To move by 10 pixels hold down shift key and arrows
I found the Ctrl key didn't work at all in PSP 9

The deform tool and object selector  moved by one pixel with arrows but only if  shift key depressed.  

Image offset
No default key [You might find it useful to create one]
Works only with raster layers. Layer groups will need to be merged.

If you wish to move a layer more precisely and quickly, the offset effect might be better.
Select your layer, then Effects> Image effects> Offset>Custom and “transparent” and then enter the number of pixels you want to move your layer in any direction.

The number of pixels is limited only by the canvas size. [you can’t move a layer off the canvas]
Moving Groups
The Move tool will only move the whole group, not individual layers within the group.
The deform tool/object mover/pick tool can move layers within a group or the group as a whole.

Linked Layers
Using the Move tool linked layers move as one.
Use the pick/deform/object selector to move them independently

Under the Objects Menu from the Main Toolbar:
There are  useful options for “alignment” and “distribute” under the menu “Objects”
Older users of PSP will realise that this menu was reserved for Vector layers/objects.
However with PSP X5, came the introduction of the ability to work with raster layers and even a combination of vector and raster layers.

This with Objects > Align you can move to specific locations as indicated, either a single layer or more than one selected layers [hold down the Ctrl key to select more than one layer]
These layers can be vector, raster or a mixture of both J
With Objects> Distribute you must of course have more than one layer selected but these too can be raster, vector or a mixture of both

You can also select Layer groups to be lined up in any way using these tools!

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