Thursday, 25 January 2018

Paint Shop Pro Eraser Brush Preset for Postage Stamp Perforations

This preset for your eraser brush is ideal for creating nice evenly spaced round perforations.

Download zip with file HERE
Link will bring up a page to download the zip file:

Place the preset file [Preset_Eraser_jm_perforation1.PspScript] in the preset folder that you have designated in File location preferences for your particular version of PSP.

[I have all versions pointing to My Documents> My PSP Files> presets]

To use, it is like other brush presets only in this case, for your eraser brush:

To get a nice straight line [works with any brush] simply click where you want to start and hold down shift key and click where you want to finish.

When I use this eraser brush preset I usually use guides to make sure my perforations are straight.

Step may be increased a bit if you wish the perforations further apart and the size of the brush altered when using higher resolutions.


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